Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week in review

 This week was filled with many blessing, a few tears and some breakthroughs. 

While reading the Bible this week I realized at my level I needed a different version with notes that were a little more informative then the detailed notes Bible I have now.  I found the Holmon NKJV study Bible was just right.

I ordered from and am waiting patiently for my delivery. Great service and the prices can't be beat.

A wonderful coworker blessed me with a new book The Blessed Life by Robert Morris.

I have to admit I am really struggling with this one. It is about the gift of Tithing. My mind is in a tizzy.  I want to obey, but I am afraid and still a selfish man. My wife and I are praying for guidance.

UPDATE: 9/18/2015  We have been following this calling and it has changed our lives. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Day, Another Struggle

Last night on the way home I listened to another Podcast of Joyce Meyers. Can't remember the topic, but she was just what I needed to hear. I told my wife that I once again felt that I've been touched with an answer. A push to take care of a certain issue I've been fighting with. Today I listened to Pastor John McDonald's Podcast as he spoke on the feeling of discouragement. Great topic, and again just what I needed to hear.

As I was walking into work listening in, John continued his talk. He turn the subject to his  dad. At that moment I started to think of my dad who has since passed and how hard it was for him raising a family of six. I don't remember him ever acting discouraged. Just as I started to talk to him in my mind. I glanced down to find another penny.  My dad would never bypass a coin on the ground. I just felt once again it was a small sign from above. That what I am hearing in the two Podcasts are not only answers but encouragement from above. I know He can, and will use anyone He chooses to advance His glory and kingdom. To say the least it scares me to think he might use me too.  I looked up "discouragement" in the Concordance and turned to 1 CH 22: 13. David talking to his son Solomon "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged." If Solomon could find peace in those words with the giant task of building a temple in his future; I think I should take them to heart too.

All I have to do is pay some bills (discouragement.)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This is a first. A Bible study

While reading this morning from my newest book The Old Testament for New Students ©1956. I started with chapter sixteen titled Songs from the Heart; A study of the Book of Psalms. One of the Psalm written about was Psalm 23. After reading it a few times, I realized I had very little understanding as to what the message was. Today for the first time I decided to attempt a passage study. Using my Logos Bible software Mobil App. I took notes, verse by verse from Matthew Henry's Commentary of the Whole Bible.  I'm very happy that I took time out to do some research and gained a deeper understanding of the Word.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Love old Bible books

I call myself a book geek. I just can't seem to buy enough of them. I'm very happy to spend hours sitting in old book stores. I love to read books about the bible, especially the older they are. There something not only magical, but a bit more spiritual in the contents. With age comes wisdom they say.  I can only imagine meeting the author from long ago and seeing them smile to know someone is reading their works. I came across my latest gem at a resale book store yesterday. Titled The Old Testament for New Students by Cecil  F Cheverton, ©1956. Pages yellowed by time, notes written in sidebar by a Mr. Lutz from Fort Worth, TX just adds to the grandeur of my find. Already on chapter 5 and learning new things. Mr Lutz took good notes.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Time to start writing again

Can't remember the last I posted. I know it's been way to long. Between then and today I've had many wonderful blessings and trials to bear. Today I picked up the book, A Prayer Journal by Flannery O'Conner. Just a few pages in I was inspired to start posting again. 

Her writings of her prayers gave me some deeper thoughts that maybe that's what I should do too. 

I need to make it known that I am not a successful product of public schools. My skills at writing are very poor. All prior post were edited by my wife who is very gifted in the skills of the pen. I think I'll just post with out her reviews so that I won't end up writing for her, but to stay true to my thoughts as jumbled as they might seem to come across. 

I think it would be helpful to make note of my prayers and the answers that I find.   

UPDATE: During my dinner break at work I went out for a mile walkabout for some fresh air. I plugged in my headphones and listened to a talk by Joyce Meyers on self pity. A small problem I've lived with all my life. I asked as I walked about "if you are with me show me a coin." It was not a test of his presence, just a friendly comment. As I reached the mile marker on my GPS I found myself glancing down on this. I was so shocked I captured his answer. Funny man.