Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week in review

 This week was filled with many blessing, a few tears and some breakthroughs. 

While reading the Bible this week I realized at my level I needed a different version with notes that were a little more informative then the detailed notes Bible I have now.  I found the Holmon NKJV study Bible was just right.

I ordered from and am waiting patiently for my delivery. Great service and the prices can't be beat.

A wonderful coworker blessed me with a new book The Blessed Life by Robert Morris.

I have to admit I am really struggling with this one. It is about the gift of Tithing. My mind is in a tizzy.  I want to obey, but I am afraid and still a selfish man. My wife and I are praying for guidance.

UPDATE: 9/18/2015  We have been following this calling and it has changed our lives. 

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