Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Oct 14 2012

 We went to church this morning. This was our second week at a new service called Twilight. It was a four week series about angels, ghosts, demons and spirits. We found the church via a mailer that we received. I guess God must have wanted us to go and check it out or we would not have found it in our mailbox. We showed up the first week and met many nice people. They were warm and welcoming, not over bearing which has turned us off before. The message was good. The pastor was great, and we left looking forward to attending again. This week the pastor talked about demons. I am sure "the devil himself" did not want us to hear this service. Just as the pastor started to talk, the women behind us start a nose sniffing marathon that lasted the whole service. When she wasn't sucking in her runny nose, she was coughing up her lungs.I think there were at least a dozen people coughing as well. It was such a distraction to hear what the pastor was saying. But we fought through it. Who knows if she was part of the plan to fill us with distraction. If it was, it did not work. We will be back again next week!

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  1. My Friend was there........remember?